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to have been knocked down in iowa and the came company takes about. >>> the copenhagen climate summit in december cost american taxpayers millions of dollars. it was an extensive junket for mention of congress who went to denmark even though no deal was struck on ways to battle global warming. sharyl attkisson reports on just how much it cost. >> reporter: for 15 democrats and 6 republican congressman, food and rooms for two nights cost $4,400 each. that's $2,200 a day, more than most americans spend on their monthly mortgage payment. we asked congress and staff about whether they're mindful it's public tax dollars they're spending. money told us they never even see the bills or expense reports. congressman henry waxman is a key climate change player, shown here in copy hey depend. last week we asked him about the $2200 a day bill for room and food. >> i can't believe that. i can't believe it, but i don't know. >> reporter: but there it is, right mix to his name in black and white. those who stay just two nights were charged a six night minimum at the five star marriott. one staffer s
-- they stay at a really nice hotel. they stayed at the marriott in copenhagen when they went to the climate summit. it was five star. it was $2200 per night. each one of the congressmen had a bill for $4400. now, that is obviously way north of what the average american spends even on their mortgage payments. and that was just for two days of fun over in copenhagen. >> it was guys and gals. there were republicans and democrats there. the total bill was $404,000. here to me was the most disturbing part of this is that when these members of congress were questioned about this kind of expenditure and using taxpayer money, many of them said they'd never seen the bills or the expense reports. isn't there an inherent problem in that? that, i guess, we have so much tax money from all of us to just throw around that nobody bothers to look at how much things cost? this is what henry waxman had to say about it, democrat from california. i was there because i thought it was important for me to be there. i didn't look at it as a pleasure trip. only problem is i think the average american would look at $
a cnbc exclusive from copenhagen, denmark, is mr. lars sorenson. thank you very much for being here. >> good afternoon, mike. >> when will you launch this drug in the united states? is your sales force ready to hit the ground running? and which doctors will they be targeting? >> our sales force has been ready for months now. this approval process took somewhat longer than we anticipated. so we'll be launching within weeks. we will start out hitting the key opinion leaders, specialists and then broaden out gradually to include all gps in the u.s. >> mr. sorensen, which type 2 diabetics can go on victorza? can they be on other diabetes drugs at the same time or do they have to go off them and take it all by itself? >> vivtorza is a second line treatment for individual 2 diabetes that cannot control blood sugar which is on the most commonly used drug. this means that victoza can replace some of the other second line drugs that are currently being used in the u.s. it is an injectable but very powerful blood sugar-lowering drug with a lot of other benefits. >> mr. sorensen, why are you p
he is in copenhagen in december. quote, revolution seeks to help all people. soccerlism, that's the way -- socialism is the way to save the planet. capitalism is the road to hell. fight against capitalism and make it obey us. he specifically goes after the fat cat bankers here. they have airplanes and private airstrips. i'm asking the bankers who do business with the many of the people getting rich get thrown in jail. he goes on. how can you have the state bank and resources for the people deposited in private banks? that is called treason. private banking equals treason. you crazy cat here with the big ribbon on his chest. next step, the plan -- punish them. penalize them. how does he do it? show me -- spread the wealth? kind of. tax and nationalize. cha chavez went after large estates and even took large farms for land redistribution. i know you're going to find this hard to believe, but even in this his utopian progressive state there were still people who said no, i think this is wrong. how does chavez deal with them? i say show me, shut them down. name call. demonize. jai
enhagu copenhagen in the first place. those who stayed two nights were charged a six-night minimum at the five-star marriott, information that likely was available before pelosi and her freeloaders made their vacation plans. note to the house speaker: we have skyrocketing deficits, $1 trillion plus a year, a national debt of $12 million in this country. the president is talking about reining in spending. i would be curious to know where nancy pelosi gets her sense of entitlement to blow hundreds of thousands of dollars of our money at christmas time so she and her pals can take a trip at christmas time. here's the question. should house speaker nancy pelosi be required to explain her trip to copenhagen? go to cnn.com/caffertyfile and post a blog. here's a hint: yes! >> before president obama gives his state of the union address tomorrow night, he's getting a lot of flak from both sides of the aisle. here's the reason. he's expected to call for that spending freeze. some critics say it goes too far, others say it doesn't go far enough. our senior congressional correspondent dana bas
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the copenhagen climate summit, and one of my big takeaways from talking to the scientists there is there is not a lot of time. we may hit an inflection point where doing anything won't make a difference. so time is of the essence. but it is an issue because the threat is in the distant future or maybe the near future, but not right upon us. that a lot of people out there, a lot of voters who are busy just trying to get by and maybe busy trying to find jobs don't really focus on -- it's a tailor-made issue for strong leadership from the top. and that means not giving it to a hundred other people to sort of work out their deals but trying to come in and corral. and if it involves working with, you know, lindsay graham and joe lieberman, fine, but i think the white house should be driving this. not leaving it to the senate's own devices. >> did you get the memo? did i miss something last week? was there a coalition government formed and they didn't tell us? >> yeah. scott brown became prime minister. i guess you missed that story. >> i did. david corn of "mother jones" magazi
in copenhagen where he said, the problem is the white people in the world. the second question is there is a country -- a company in brazil that is an offshore drilling company that in june, the obama administration gave a $15 billion loan to and i think is quite ironic that in february, george soros bought majority shares in that company. effectively, this administration has paid back george soros for getting elected with taxpayer funds. guest: i do not know anything about the second issue, but i can comment on the first. the brazilian president is a colorful, charismatic leader. then he has been for some to, to a half years. very annoyed that they have had to do things that the united states and europe-not have to do. and he has -- have not had to do. and he has been very open about saying that they have not had to do things that they've had to do in developing countries. host: salt lake city, democratic cruller. caller: we have -- and democratic collar. host: we have more natural gas than any of the country. wyoming has a huge amount. we have not even put pipelines for the n
: jim along with other scientists, a little bit disappointed with what came out of copenhagen, which isn't a lot, and the latest bad pr with the glaciers in the himalayas, bad report going into the ipcc report there. we'll talk more about that in the next hour. you know, it was cold this past month, but the decade of the 2000, the first ten years of the 2000s was the warmest we've ever seen. you'll cool down after the rains and winds yesterday. some snow behind it, but it shouldn't be a whole lot. it will slow down travel in chicago and more rain headed to southern california. if they get through today, they should be all right. avalanche warnings for the sierra and wasatch. i did sneak out to do field research, kiran, on sunday. but yesterday was all work and no play. >> field research meaning hitting the slopes? >> reporter: yes. investigative reporting. >> i wanted to see rob. >> reporter: seeking the truth. >> i wanted to see a wider shot of the interview to see if you were weari ining boots or ski b. >> reporter: oh, no. all work yesterday. we'll be here about another hour. i'll fin
to copenhagen last month. the summit did not produce much progress, it did reportedly produce big hits at the expense accounts, we hear, cbs reports more than 100 members of congress and their spouses dropped tens of thousands of dollars for luxury suites and dinners. martha: oops. bill: 15 democratic congressmen and 6 republican members of the house, room and food bills ran $4400 each for two days. a pretty good eatin'. martha: i heard one say, it was a business trip. bill: more than two grand a day. and adds to that the cost of the flight to denmark, commercial and military and the bill total tops the $1 million mark. martha: okay. bill: your money! martha: yeah, that's right. all right, here's the question -- a question for you, still playing the blame game after a year in the oval office, the white house continuing to harken back to the bush administration, quite a bit in fact to explain the state of the country. calling out the previous administration at least 7 times just since last tuesday. when republican scott brown won the massachusetts senate seat. steve hildebrand is a form
in pittsburgh. the g-20 agreed to phase out fossil fuel subsidies at copenhagen. for the first time all major economies accepted their responsibility to take future action. the president ago noled this is not enough -- acknowledged this is not enough and we'll continue our efforts to provide the leadership that is required in this important and challenging area. all of this is, of course, just the start. our challenge now is to sustain and build on the start that has been made this year. there are no shortages of challenges to test us, north korea, iran, arab-israeli peace, al qaeda and its affiliates in afghanistan and pakistan specifically, and around the world jeanly. so now let me turn very briefly to the afghan-pakistan strategy and exactly where we are today. in review of our efforts in afghanistan and pakistan this fall, the president asked some very difficult and tough questions, challenged assumptions and heard from every perspective and explored every option. most importantly, this was a review that never lost sight of those affected most by presidential decisions, and that's the me
there was any disagreement amongst the countries of copenhagen that allowed the pitcher rise above 2 degrees by 2015. it would be something the would be very serious indeed and therefore, the major countries in the world and not all countries except that at the conclusion and are working within that. the key issue now is for the countries to make the cut ends as they promised to do to the national plan for climate change target's and make them public and internationally registered so that we can bring people together probably in the next few months to see what progress we can make on getting a final climate change agreement. i will take two more. yes. >> brann willson from the sun. returning to the aplington keys to talk to the importance of learning lessons from this case. we now have a specific proposal on the table to allow full publication's reviews protecting the anonymity of the children and witnesses. are you prepared to change your mind and back of that proposal? >> i think the you have got to get to the background of what's happened here before you drawback to that conclusion. all o
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)